Organic Farming with Love

Seasonal organic vegetables and fruit grown in València



Vegetables grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical synthesis products, only with traditional means, organic fertilizers and biostimulants.

Innovative Farming

Innovative Farming

We seek to improve the health of our plants by providing the necessary nutrients in each phase of growth.

Guaranteed Freshness

Guaranteed Freshness

We pack our products directly into the final container and take them to the cold room, guaranteeing maximum freshness.

Produced in Europe

Produced in Europe

Preserving traditional agricultural territories guarantees the economic sustainability of its population and food sovereignty.

Who are we ?

At LOF we are dedicated to cultivate the land

LOF is a company formed by farmers that is dedicated to the production and distribution of seasonal organic vegetables and fruits. Our fields are located in the traditional farmlands of Valencia, designated in 2019 by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. (GIAHS).


Inflorescence: broccoli, cauliflower,romanescu broccoli

leaf: pointed cabbage, purple cabbage, cabbage

Root: beetroot, golden beet, carrot, sweet potato, daikon turnip

Stem: leek, kohlrabi, kohlrabi purple

Fruit: tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, pepper,watermelon sugar baby,trendal melon, galia melon, cantaloupe melon

Surface to cultivate: 30.000 m2

Where are we ?

The traditional garden of Valencia

The Huerta de València was developed in the Middle Ages during the Islamic period, creating an important water infrastructure for the irrigation of crops and pastures. The diversification of crops and the division of the territory into small farms has been key to its sustainability and conservation to this day, being a fundamental element in the economic and cultural development of Valencia.

+ 1000 years

The Valencian farmland already has a millennium of life and wisdom; that it lasts over time depends on us.

The garden is much more than agriculture and much more than local and traditional culture; it is the living memory that reminds us that it is possible to live in community and in balance with the earth.


The Valencian farmland is a jewel in all and for all sense, thanks to its characteristics, enormity and singularity,.
Its particular landscape, in which cultivated fields, water channels, rural roads, shacks and farmhouses coexist, with the Albufera as a backdrop, is much more than an area of ​​proficient agricultural utilization, since it establishes a cultural link between the rural and the urban that has earned it the recognition of World Agricultural Heritage from the UN and the FAO.


Valencia enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with an average annual temperature of 17 degrees, with hot summers and mild winters that rarely drop below 10 degrees.

This means that we can grow crops throughout the year without the need for greenhouses.

Our Working Process

We guarantee freshness and sustainability

To guarantee the maximum freshness of our products once harvested, we have a cold room and a batching system of the product in which the batch number corresponds to the day it has been harvested. The packaging of our products is done in a completely ecological packing in this way we contribute to the impact of our agricultural activity is the minimum possible for the planet.

Cold Room

Once harvested, products are stored in our cold room.

Tracking Number

Tracking number allow you to know the day it was harvested

Ecological Package

Minimum Impact for the planet